Beksul Marinate Sauce
Beksul Marinate Sauce
Beksul Marinate Sauce
Beksul Marinate Sauce
  • Requires Cooking
  • Require Refrigeration
  • Keto Approved

Beksul Marinate Sauce

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Korean galbi or kalbi sauce is use to marinate beef or pork. It is a subtle sweet and salty marinade, and grilled until caramelized and deeply brown. Typically this is a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, minced garlic and scallions, ginger juice, ground black pepper, toasted and ground sesame, and sesame oil. While the brown sugar, mirin, and pear add sweetness to it and act as a meat tenderizer.

Philippne FDA Info
Raw Materials & Content Mixed mesentery {amino acid liquid (de-fat head: foreign production), brewing hot sauce solution (from Taiwan), refined salt, liquid sugar}, sugar, other persacacy, baepure {pear (domestic), vitamin C}, purified water, onion puree (onion: domestic), apple puree{(apple: domestic), vitamin C}, Please note that the product can be mixed and shipped before the country of origin change according to the time of production and distribution of the honed garlic, cheongju, chopped green steel, flavoring angin, caramel coloring, pepper, refined salt, acidity control agent, xantan gum, cheongyang gochu extract.
Storage & Precautions Store at room temperature. Once opened, keep refrigerated.
Shelf Life This product has different shelf life for each product import date, so please contact us if necessary. Unopened, shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture.
Allergens Tomatoes, milk, crab, shrimp, peanuts, pork, chicken, beef, squid, and shellfish (including oysters, abalone, mussels).
Manufacturer CJ Japan 1dang,
Jedang, South Korea 16, Yonmu-eup, Nonsan-eup, Chungnam-do 2-gil, South Korea
Country of Origin South Korea
Trader Darumaya, Eat's Cheap Samgyupsal, New Hatchin, Kagra Mart