Walnuts (Roasted Unshelled)
Walnuts (Roasted Unshelled)
Walnuts (Roasted Unshelled)
  • Low Carbohydrate
  • Highly Perishable
  • Require Refrigeration
  • Vegan Approved
  • Keto Approved
  • Certified Organic

Walnuts (Roasted Unshelled)

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Walnuts are an outstandingly nutritious nut. They have greater antioxidant activity and substantially healthier omega-3 fats compared to every other popular nut!

Proven Health Benefits of Walnuts:

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Super Plant Source of Omega-3s
  • May Decrease Inflammation
  • Promotes a Healthy Gut
  • Reduce Risk of Some Cancers
  • Supports Weight Control
  • Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Supports Healthy Aging
  • Supports Good Brain Function
  • Improves Blood Fats

Walnuts are easy to add to your diet as they are widely available in stores as well as being a great addition to countless dishes.