Organic Mint Basil
  • Low Carbohydrate
  • Highly Perishable
  • Require Refrigeration
  • Vegan Approved
  • Certified Organic

Organic Mint Basil

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Mint leaves contain the highest amount of antioxidants than any other existing herb. The essential oils that mint is composed of contain phenolic acids, phytotron, saponins, triterpenes, flavonoid, carotenoids, anthocyanins, etc.

Here are some mint benefits you may not have known:

  • Mint facilitates smoother digestion.
  • Mint's anti-inflammatory properties soothe the swelling and keep the mucous at bay.
  • Mint has umpteen antiviral and antibacterial properties that can keep mild flu and cold.
  • Mint may help cure headaches too.

Prices may vary on day of purchase. Availability is dependent on farm cycle of production. Please preorder your needs. We'll deliver as soon as harvest is available.