Foggers Ph Spray (Milagro Concentrate)
Foggers Ph Spray (Milagro Concentrate)
Foggers Ph Spray (Milagro Concentrate)
Foggers Ph Spray (Milagro Concentrate)
  • Certified Organic

Foggers Ph Spray (Milagro Concentrate)

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Milagro is a breakthrough miracle plant concentrate extracted from the banana  stem and mixed with mineral ions and phytochemicals that selectively attack and destroy bacteria and decompose odorous gases. The ready-to-use milagro sanitizing solution is an all-natural, plant-derived, food-grade, 100% biodegradable, multi-purpose concentrate that works as a non-toxic but powerful and environmentally-safe, biocide, odor-eliminator and grease cutter solution.

Milagro removes dirt, grime, grease, super tough stains on surfaces and fabrics. It disinfects and kills 99.99% of household germs including e-coli, salmonella, enterica, staphylococcus aureus within 5 minutes of contract, without any toxic chemicals. Use Milagro to clean cuts and wounds safely and effectively. You can even wash fruits and vegetables to remove chemical/ insecticide residue. Milagro kills foul odor on surfaces, upholstery, rugs, and prevents mildew. Add Milagro to your laundry for a deeper clean and odor removal. 

It can also be diluted with clean water and used as a powerful multi-purpose disinfectant and odor eliminator without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals, and without affecting harmless or beneficial bacteria. 

  • Eliminate foul odor and contaminated air including cigarette smoke smell 
  • Neutralize and eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens and other microorganisms.
  • Eliminate flies and other insect infestation.
  • Degreaser / Accelerate decomposition of organic waste.
  • Sanitize pets and pet areas.
  • Avoid use of toxic chemicals.
  • Improve health and sanitation.

FOR KITCHENS: Spray Milagro (2% dilution) on all surfaces like countertops, sink, walls, stove, oven, etc. Leave for 5-6 minutes and wipe with clean damp rag to disinfect and remove greasy residue. Spray on baked-on, caked-on pots, baking sheets, pans, etc. Leave for 5-6 minutes, and let Milagro do its magic. Everything will come off with your dish sponge. Wash as usual. Spray on chopping boards used for raw meat. No rinsing needed! Leave to dry to disinfect and kill any harmful bacteria.

DISINFECT & PRESERVE FOOD FRESHNESS: Preserve or prolong the freshness, and avoid the unnecessary spoilage, of vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood. Soak for 1 minute in Milagro solution diluted at 1:100, drain in colander or salad spinner. Consume, cook or store. 

FOR BATHROOMS: Spray MILAGRO on floors and tiles to disinfect and eliminate odor. Spray MILAGRO in and around the toilet and urinal bowls and toilet seats before and after use

FOR GARBAGE: Spray MILAGRO directly on waste every time waste is thrown into garbage bins/cans. FOR CLOGGED SINKS: Pour ½ cup (120ml or 24 teaspoons) of MILAGRO concentrate. Pour hot water after one (1) hour to allow MILAGRO to breakdown waste clogging the sink drain.

FLOORS: Spray Milagro (2% dilution) on evenly all over floor. Leave for 5-6 minutes, use a clean mop to spread and dry to disinfect entire floor (wood, tile, vinyl, etc.) Now you can have your little one crawl all over an immaculate floor with no chemical residue!

FOR PETS: Spray on pet feces to disinfect and eliminate odor. Sprayed feces will decompose and can be used as soil conditioner. Spray on dog cages. Do not spray while pet is in the cage. Let it dry before allowing pets to go back into the cage. Add Milagro concentrate one teaspoon (5ml) or two teaspoons (10ml) per one liter (1,000ml) of water volume to be used for rinsing after shampooing your pets to remove odor and repel fleas. You can add some essential oil for scent in your pet's bath water for extra deodorizing power. Avoid eyes and nose. For a natural way to rid pet of fleas and ticks, spray Milagro (2% dilution) all over pet's body and let dry. 

CLOGGED DRAINS: Slowly pour 1/2 cup or 120ml of Milagro concentrate down clogged drain. Leave for 30 mins. Pour 1 litre boiling water and the drain will be cleared without spilling toxic chemicals into the sewage system! Be careful not to spill undiluted Milagro on your hands and eyes. Rinse with water immediately if it happens.

LINENS, RUGS, CARPETS: Spray Milagro (2% dilution) evenly on beddings, towels, upholstery, rugs, carpets to remove stains and odors. Air dry. Also perfect to clean yoga mats!

LAUNDRY: Soak 2% dilution of Milagro (20ml to 1 L of water) for 30 mins for extra disinfecting of rags, underwear or activewear. Wash as usual. You can spray 2% Milagro dilution directly on a stain, leave for 5-6 minutes before scrubbing by hand if needed. Rinse with Milagro treated water again, then dry. Guaranteed fresh and sparkling clean laundry every time!

OTHER EVERYDAY APPLICATIONS: Spray mist MILAGRO in the air all over to eliminate bad odor including cigarette smoke anywhere in the rooms particularly in the kitchen, bathrooms and dining room. Spray on surfaces to clean and remove mildew Spray on surfaces to repel insects like flies, fleas, ants, etc. Can be used to sanitize hands and finger nails before and after eating food with your hands. Can be added in laundry water used to soak clothes before washing to eliminate odor. 

Composition: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Polyphenols, Alkaline Water pH 11.5 or higher

Handle with Care: Store away from children. Do not transfer concentrate from original container. Avoid contact with acids. Store in cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Although chemical-free and non-toxic to the environment, the high pH level makes Milagro corrosive. Once diluted, it is absolutely harmless and safe for babies, puppies, and the home. Handle concentrate with care, use protective gloves or goggles if necessary.