Aldromet (Methyldopa)
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Aldromet (Methyldopa)

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Contents: Methyldopa

Description:  Aldromet Tablet works by relaxing and dilating blood vessels to lower blood pressure, even in the presence of renal impairment. It may help stop or slow the course of renal function impairment and damage caused by high blood pressure for an extended period of time.

Indication/Use: Treatment of hypertension

Dosage: As prescribed by the physician.

Contraindication: Patients on monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor medication for active hepatic illness, such as acute hepatitis and active cirrhosis.

Special Precaution: In rare cases, methyldopa treatment has resulted in acquired hemolytic anemia. If clinical signs point to the likelihood of anemia, hemoglobin and/or hematocrit tests should be ordered. If anemia is evident, laboratory tests should be performed to identify whether or not hemolysis is occurring. The presence of hemolytic anemia is a sign that the medicine should be stopped.

Pregnancy & Lactation: Aldromet has been used to treat hypertension in pregnant women under strict medical and obstetric supervision. There was no clinical evidence that Aldomet caused prenatal or neonatal problems.