Policy on Senior Citizen(SC) and Persons With Disability (PWD)

 Applies to purchase made in any of our locations in the Philippines. Please register your information data. Takes just a few moments to do the simple steps.

The Philippine Law (RA 9994) imposes compulsory discounting and tax-free for all its senior citizens on specific products (JAO 17-02S2017). The implementation is defined by the respective departments of the government. DOH defined the requirements in availing for health products and services.

 How to register

Before you can avail of SC or PWD privileges, you must have an account with us. In case you haven't registered yet, create a new account. 

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Register your phone and address information,
  3. Email us (thehouseofgoodies@gmail.com) with the subject "Senior Citizen Registration",
  4. Please attach your Senior Citizen ID photo.
  5. We will send your confirmation as soon as possible.