How to Get Your SSCertificate

How do you get your SSCertificate.

  1. Login to our website, if you are not registered yet, setup your account, in the login page. Include your email and cell phone number. Your name may be an alias. 
  2. Open the SSC Collection Page. Choose the package that suits your need.
  3. Confirmation email will be sent to you. Payment must be made prior to processing of your service request.

    Note: include your alias name, and picture (face). This is necessary for identity confirmation during the processing of your request. Don't worry, your identity is kept only until the completion of this transaction.
  4. Your transaction code (TC) for current transaction will be sent to you via email. Keep it safe. Your alias name, email and phone number will be kept in our database only for the duration of service completion.
  5. You will be scheduled and informed through your phone or email.
  6. A phlebotomist will be sent to your specified place, where your blood and specimens will be collected. 

    Note: For Platinum and Gold packages you will be required to visit our authorized physician to gather specimens and data from you. Your identity will remain on your QR code.

    Your picture will be matched during collection of specimen, to ensure that you are the same person, who made the confirmation email.
  7. Your data and specimen will be processed against your TC. Results may be available in 3 to 5 days.  
  8. Once all info are gathered, a result code (RC) will be sent via email. Your result data will be collated with your transaction code.
  9. You can then keep your RC on your mobile. Your partner can scan this code and view the result form (RF) summary of your test.

    Note: Your picture will be placed on your RF, name will not be included. This is to reassure your partner that you are the person tested, and truly the SSCertificate belongs to you. Your RF is accessible only through your RC. So keep your RC safe. Should you loose your copy of your RC, just send us your TC and we'll send you a copy.

Email, SMS, or Web Chat us for assistance.

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