Gochujang, also written in Kochujang, is Korean fermented red pepper sauce. The basic Korean meal (Bapsang) is with rice (Bap), soup (Kuk), and side dishes (Banchan).Seasoning (Jang, Yangnyum) is added to give variety of taste. 

Gochujang is the most basic seasoning of food in Korea for thousands of years, adding flavourful taste to rice, and helping the digestive system. The method of cooking has remain almost the same as in ancient tradition. The basic ingredients of block of cooked soybean powder (Meju), glutinous rice flour, and red pepper powder. A special variety made for kings is Sunchang Gochang.

Other than Gochujang's use as food seasoning, it is well known for its nutritional value. Known to improve gastrointestinal function, old folks used it to remedy stomach and intestinal discomforts.

Read more on it's history. Featured image is from the same site.

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